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I'm Hai Huang.

A data scientist in progress

My Name

I am a undergrade student major in statistical modeling data science and applied statistic with minor in IST at Pennsylvania State University, University Park campus. Passionate toward learning new stuff, traveling around the world and taking pictures.

My Skills





Machine Learning(classification,prediction)

My School Projects

Pictures recognition

DS 220 Final Project

It is a term final project for DS 220, my partner and I decide to try some simple picture recognition. Since we were new to data science, we use captcha pictures and train a model to identify the numbers and alphabets in the pictures.

Machine learning with ensemble method

DS 320 Final Project

It is a term final project for DS 320, my partner and I decide to try need to use either integration or fusion with machine learning. We use a kaggle dataset and use ensemble on multiple algorithms.

Data visualization

DS 330 Final Project

It is a term final project for DS 330, we analyze PUBG data from kaggle. We use python to do the analyze and visualization then we put on the plots into a webpage.

Extracurricular activities


Kaggle competitions and playground

Practice machine learning skills and challenging myself by competiting in the kaggle competition

PSU 2018 datafest


Using tableau to do the visualization and analyzation.

Contact Me

State College, US

Email: kandosa@hotmail.com

Lets get in touch. Send me a message: